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CSSDP's Get Sensible Campaign

Realistic and evidence-based cannabis education for youth?

The Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit aims to support adults in having informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis.

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Sensible Cannabis Education Booklets

The Sensible Cannabis Education Booklets cover a range of cannabis topics in an accessible and engaging way, and are a creative resource for youth, parents and educators to promote informed decision making and evidence based conversations when it comes to cannabis use.

Sensible Cannabis Education Booklets
Sensible Cannabis Education Booklet Covers

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These resources were created by youth-for-youth based on the information outlined in our Sensible Cannabis Booklet series. They have been created and optimized for both digital and print. Otherwise known as Tearaways! Get Sensible encourages you to share these with your friends, peers, or adults in your life. Download for free today!

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Solidarity Statement

CSSDP and Get Sensible choose to stand in solidarity with Indigenous land-defenders, Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous youth in their efforts to interrupt the relentless structural and systematic government-led-efforts to further erase, oppress, and genocide Indigenous peoples.

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Expert Video Series

In our Expert Video Series we sat down with young people and researchers from across the country to share their insights about cannabis on a range of topics, including mental health, stigma, weed laws, and navigating conversations.

Expert Video Series
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Youth should be given easy access to evidence-based, harm reduction information around cannabis.

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Stigma can act as a barrier in engaging youth in honest conversations around cannabis use and their own experiences.

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Youth are experts of their own experiences and culture, and should be valued as such in peer to peer programs that make education relatable.

Authoritarian and fear-based approaches to drug education don’t work.

Abstinence-based approaches are centered on the idea that avoiding drug use is the only acceptable option and often relies on the stigmatization of drug use and users.

Young people often do not have access to avenues that allow for open and balanced discussions about cannabis use, including a more rigorous understanding of the reasons for use, risks, and how to minimize those risks.

Some youth will choose to use cannabis regardless of the resources provided.

There is a lack of evidence-based cannabis education in our schools, families, communities, and online.
Youth Speak: Cannabis Policy in the 21st Century

The Sensible Cannabis Education Resources

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