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Harm Reduction Tips for Young People Who Use Cannabis

  1. Start low and go slow
  2. Consider appropriate time and place
  3. Choose less risky cannabis products
  4. Choose safer methods of cannabis consumption
  5. Utilize safer smoking practices
  6. Reduce the amount of cannabis used, and how frequently it is used
  7. Avoid synthetic cannabis altogether
  8. Avoid mixing cannabis with tobacco and alcohol
  9. Don’t drive high – have a plan for transportation before using cannabis
  10. Consider your risk profile and avoid using cannabis if pregnant

Tips for Parents and Educators

  1. Education grounded in evidence-based information
  2. Non-judgmental, open dialogue that uses interactive approaches
  3. Meaningful inclusion
  4. Delivery by a trained facilitator or peer
  5. Starting education earlier, with age-appropriate content
  6. Supporting open parent-child communication
  7. Inclusion of harm reduction
  8. Education tailored to the specific context
  9. Ongoing education available to youth
  10. Attention to overlapping issues of racism, social justice, and stigma

The Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit

The Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit supports adults in having informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis.

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