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Our Peer Leaders

When it comes to drug education, there are often questions around who is best to lead drug education programs, with choices ranging from teachers, peers, legal authorities, or professional program providers. The Get Sensible campaign believes that peer-based and led programs are the way to go.

Research shows meaningful inclusion of peers to educate on youth-specific issues has been successful in a range of contexts, including substance use, sexual risk behaviours, and HIV prevention. Research also indicates that drug education should not be delivered by law enforcement or other figures of authority.

Overall, including young people as facilitators and leaders that centre youth experiences in the development and delivery, will ultimately enrich open and honest dialogue among those participating.

Are you a youth 17-25? Have you used or do you use cannabis? Are you passionate about drug policy? Do you want to help get evidence-based and clear information out to your peers about cannabis? Then you should join our team! Click here to check out our current job and volunteer opportunities!

A photograph of the Youth Speak Roundtable


Guelph, ON


I’m from Onigaming First Nation. I am an Ambassador of Hope for We Matter, studying full-time Conestoga College. I am passionate about advocacy and mental-health.




Shankari is a graduate of the Global Resource Systems program at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about sensible drug policy and harm reduction through education. She is particularly interested in policy that reflects the realities of minorities in Canada. As a stoner, she brings a breadth of knowlede and lived experience to her role as a peer worker in this project


Ottawa, ON


I am from Nigeria but I have lived in Canada for 9 years. I am an educator and facilitator for conversations about consent and violence. I am passionate about wellness initiatives and creating safe spaces for folks as well as education. I created an organization called Project Agape as a survivor of sexual violence and a child witness to be able to empower survivors and facilitate workshops educating on sexual and domestic violence.


Quebec City, QC


Laura (she/her) is a student in International Development and Political Science at McGill University and Director of Community Outreach and Events at Project VoxCann. She now has the opportunity to work as a translator for CSSDP’s upcoming projects. As a Colombian immigrant from Quebec, Laura is interested in the socio-political aspects of national and international drug policies to reach a better understanding of the impacts of the War on Drugs on her home country.

Work and Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a youth 30 years old and under, passionate about drug policy or want to learn more? Do you want to get involved in a national educational campaign on sensible cannabis use? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at our current opportunities to get involved:

Sorry, there are currently no open positions.

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